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This site was organized for support of Amiga broswers, so they corretly show sites that are using DynamicFonts and CSS technology, which require special fonts. Until now Amiga did not have these fonts.

If you have noticed "Amiga CSS Style" site got renamed into "Amiga core fonts for the Web". This is because the original name had a few people confused and didn't reflect the purpose of the site. It is mainly targeted at providing end users with a suitable range of fonts for browsers supporting certain aspects of html code like the <font face> tag and future CSS and XML extensions.

If you have previously installed fonts from "Amiga CSS Style" collection you must upgrade to the new ones! An important bug was fixed that causes enforcer hits and font sizes now correctly match proper ones.

We strongly recommend to check the fine tuning page if you wish to setup your browser to the proper colour setting that are used for defaults. This are the default page and link colours.

For the interested among us, you can visit the browser test page. You will be able to see how crappy this page looks on unconfigured browsers and what a difference it make with proper settings and properly installed fonts.

Note: CSS is not supported in Amiga browsers yet!

Please notice that IBrowse has the following problems:
Tag <pre> uses font size 3 when it should be 2, as a result Aminet file listing is too big! For a temporary solution set the same font size for normal font as you have set for font size 2 (should be 16). Tag <small> and <big> are used to decrease and increase font sizes by 1 not by 2 as IBrowse does.

If you don't need all fonts, you may install only "Default Fonts". This allows you to see all sites in "Times News Roman" and "Courier New" style. For enhanced (Web Standart Fonts) look you can install "Standart Web Fonts". For a complete installation you can add rare fonts which are sometimes used.

If you find sites using exotic fonts not covered on this site, please report them to us and we will try to make a suitable font.

Try any of the sites which using Dynamic Fonts or CSS technology.
Here you can see screenshots of some sites.

 · Amiga with System 3.0 and higher
 · 200 KB free space for default fonts
 · 900 KB free space for standart fonts
 · 300 KB and more free space for additional fonts
 · IBrowse 2.2 and higher
 · Voyager 3.1 and higher
 · And fonts of course

 · 16-Arp-2000
   Renamed to "Amiga core fonts for the web"
   Released all standart web fonts (11 fonts)
   Released 3 additional fonts.
 · 30-Mar-2000
   First release of "Amiga CSS Style" with 5 fonts.

 · Hand-Craft (fix) all fonts!
 · Support for Greek codepage.
 · Support for ISO8859-2 (East Europe) codepage.
 · Adding more fonts. Please report new fonts and styles.
 · Adding support for more code pages. Please ask.

Copyright notes:
 · Project author - Efim Shuvikov
 · Moral support - Michael Malyshev
 · Amiga fonts - Efim Shuvikov
 · TTF fonts - Their original authors
 · TTF library - Richard Griffith
 · IBrowse - Stefan Burstroem
 · Voyager - Vapor Software
 · Typeface - David Kinder

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